Friday, June 29, 2012

Happenings at A Place in Time on June 28th, 2012

Good Evening Everyone,

SPECIAL EVENT!!!!! Thursday, July 5th - 6:30 - 8:30pm  Make and Take It with guest instructor Jenny Sakamoto. You will be using Jenny's newest release in her Sister Stamp line to make a really cute Gift Card Holder. Please join us and welcome Jenny to your store.

Jenny's - Make and Take It - The image is called "Mariko"

Who doesn't like flowers? Their use is appropriate for any time of year and for any occasion. That makes them a perfect fit for our store. Art and I spent most of the day on Wednesday assembling two new "gondolas" to showcase the "All Natural Accents" we now have for your use. The flowers are a paper product that are individually handmade, available in a variety of colors, and multiple flower types. I think they are a perfect accent to any card or scrapbook page. Stop by the store and we will show you the possibilities. It's fun to use. I know I'll be busy making samples.

"All Natural Accents" - Beautiful miniature Flowers 

More paper has arrived to add to our extensive selection of "Basic Grey". "Konnichiwa" (meaning hello or good afternoon in Japanese) is a beautiful two sided paper. It has soft colors and a sense of serenity and beauty. There are twelve designs to choose from (24 if you consider that it's two sided). I think it would be interesting to try it in combination with the new "Mulberry Paper" we have in the store. The coarse texture of the mulberry paper would provide a wonderful contrast to the "Basic Grey".

Fran's class last night was a joy to watch. As many of you know, Fran's classes have become very popular in the store. To accommodate the number of crafters wanting to sign up for this class, Fran expanded the class to eight people. Everyone had so much fun. Laughter and friends brings a store to life.

Fran's - "A Year in Cards"

The last crafting event for the month is Priscilla's "Barbecue Recipe Exchange" on Saturday, June 30th. The best part for me will be the "pot luck" meal after the class. The store is going to have an aroma that will be really "ono".

The perfect book for your special Barbecue Recipes

Memory Box Dies - we have word that they have been shipped and should be here any day now. Those of you that have pre-ordered the dies will be receiving a call from me. We sold a lot of their dies in the past two weeks. Some of the designs are close to being sold out. If you have yet to use the Memory Box Dies - no problem - come into the store for a quick demo. You will discover a new tool that you will want to add to your basic tool kit. It only takes 5 seconds to cut out a beautiful embellishment. If you didn't pre-order, Priscilla ordered enough dies so that you will have a good selection to choose from. They won't last long though, so come in for the best selection.

July Classes:

Priscilla continues her Sunday "Craft Snacks and Tidbits" session. This happens every Sunday (1:00 - 4:00pm). The event is increasing in popularity and few "kits" are left by the end of the day. It only takes a few minutes to complete the project for the day. We will look forward to seeing you. So circle your Sundays - July 1st. July 8th, July 15th, July 22nd, and July 29th ... 1:00 to 4:00pm. It's free - just bring a smile.

As many of you know, Fran has two classes each month. Both classes for July - her "mystery class" on July 11th and the "Year in Cards" class on July 25th are sold out. We are now taking reservations for August. Fran's classes are always on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month (6:30 - 8:30pm). If you are interested in having a great time and developing your crafting skills, please give me a call.

The last thing that I have for you is a die that is FREE for your use on the Accucut machine. We do ask that you buy the paper here. The die is a Lantern Box that would be perfect for your next special occasion. I barely got the die out of the box before Priscilla was making a sample with silver card stock and our new flowers from "All Natural Accents". I think she did a great job. It would be fun to use a small battery powered candle in the lantern.

Lantern Box from Accucut

That's all for now....... I hope to see you tomorrow...

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Happenings at A Place in Time on June 21st, 2012

Good Evening Everyone,

Wow!  I just received some good news - Jenny Sakamoto of Sister Stamps will be in our store on Thursday, July 5th (6:30 - 8:30pm) for a "Make and Take It". Sister Stamps just came out with their Release #8 and your going to "love" the designs they have created. Jenny will be using these stamps in her "Make and Take It". Two girls - "Mariko" holding a special gift and "Miyoko" holding a very tasty looking cupcake. The boy - "Takeo" appears to be a bundle of limitless energy. The stamps would be perfect for any party invitation. As I learn more of the details regarding the "Make and Take It", I will pass them along to you. So circle the date on your calendars - it will be a fun time for all. We are currently taking pre-orders on the stamps - if you would like one or all please give me a call. We have the stamps in the store, but by agreement we can't release them until July 1st.

As I'm writing this Blog, Priscilla is working on her "Craft Secrets and Tidbits" sample for this coming Sunday, June 24th (1:00 - 4:00pm). She has decided to call it "Summer Notes" and I will be the first to say that it very creative - using everyday materials and one of my favorite tools (an embossing folder). Take the time and come to the store this Sunday and be a part of the fun. It's Free and you don't need to bring anything with you. The session will last as long as the packets last.

Speaking of Embossing Folders, we received a new shipment this week and their popularity is still very high. Not to worry, we still have about 50% of the order still on the shelves. I would expect them to be sold out by the end of next week. Some of the new designs include 2 from Tim Holtz. Sizzix appears to be incorporating Basic Grey designs in their folders. They would be perfect combination with the Liquid Pearls. Remember the embossing folder that gives the impression of "coral", Priscilla brought it back in to the store. There's more but I'll leave that as a surprise.

An order from EK Success arrived yesterday. The store is restocked with the various tools that make up the crafter's basic tool kit. I wanted to specifically mention a very special stamp that Priscilla fell in love with and just had to bring into the store. I think most of you know how popular the Koi Stencils from Dreamweaver have been. You see them used in samples all over the store. Priscilla found an Asian Koi Stamp that is just spectacular. It has a sense of elegance and seems almost alive with it's shades and textures. I like the fact that the designers employed the use of bubbles - a perfect spot for "Glossy Accents".

New to store is a large selection of Mulberry Paper in both a heavy weight (approx. 31" x 22") and tissue weight (approx. 28" x 20"). There are several colors to choose from and you will have a lot of fun using this paper in your next project, card, or scrapbook page. Mulberry paper has a wonderful texture and I can see several uses for it. We have a sample on display where it was used to make a very beautiful gift bag. I think I'll use it with the Memory Box Dies that are due to arrive shortly. The "heavy" texture of the Mulberry Paper combined with the delicate lines of the Memory Box Dies would be a "killer" combination.

Most of you know that the Memory Box Dies are due to arrive very soon. We have been pre-selling them for a little over a week. The sales have been very brisk, but as of this writing, there is at least one of each design remaining. If you are interested, please come into the store for the best selection. If you have never used these fine tools, please ask and I'll give you a demo. It only takes 5 seconds to cut out a truly elegant embellishment.


Fran's class "A Year of Cards" - Gratitude on Wednesday June 27th is Sold Out. Ha! - she had to add a couple of seats to meet the demand.

Craft Snacks and Tidbits - Sunday, July 1st - 1:00 to 4:00pm. It's Free. Explore the world of crafting from a different perspective. It's a 15 minute project (plus or minus) that you will make and walk out of the store with. One kit per person and a guaranteed fun time. Priscilla does this every Sunday at the same time - the projects will vary and are often themed to the time of the year. Her Father's Day card was very popular.

Fran's next class on Wednesday July 11th will be a surprise. Fran isn't telling anyone what the theme is, but I'm sure it will be fun and interesting. People who know Fran's talent have already signed up. If you want to join in there are two seats remaining. Please give me a call if you are interested. I know you will be glad you did. I'll Blog the supplies that you will need to bring as soon as Fran informs me.

Sunday, July 8th "Craft Snacks and Tidbits"

Sunday, July 15th "Craft Snacks and Tidbits"

Sunday, July 22nd "Craft Snacks and Tidbits"

Wednesday, July 25th - "A Year of Cards" by Fran Kawakami - this class is Sold Out.

Well, that's all for now - time for diner...... I'll see you tomorrow

A Place in Time
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Happenings at A Place in Time on June 15, 2012

Good Morning Everyone,

How many of you know what was special about yesterday - June 14th ? For those of you that came in the store you got to play a trivia game. If you knew the answer you got an additional 10% off your purchase. The correct answer: it was Flag Day and we, correspondingly, decorated the store with multiple flags. I guess you could have considered that a hint. More importantly, it was my grandfather's birthday. He always thought people were putting out the flags to celebrate his birthday.

I thought I would give you a look at Priscilla's design for the cover of the Barbecue Recipe Book. This class is scheduled for June 30th - 4:00-6:00pm. There are 4 seats left and the class has always been enjoyable in several ways. You do a bit of crafting (make the recipe book), enjoy the company of others, and have a fantastic potluck meal afterwards. You will also walk away with some new recipes to try your hand at. What you need to bring: Your favorite barbecue receipe decorated on a 6" x 6" page plus six (6) copies, Basic toolkit, liquid adhesive, double-sided tape, your favorite acrylic paints or stamp pads. You will also need to bring a sample of your barbecue recipe (enough to feed 8) for the pot-luck meal after the class. Please give me a call  if you'd like to join the group. The cost is only $20.00

Fran's class last Wednesday was a lot of fun. So far this year, Fran's classes have been sold out. Her next classes are on Wednesday, July 11th - 2 seats left and Wednesday, July 25th - this class is sold out. Fran's classes are on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month. You may want to look at your calendar for August - give me a call if you would like to sign up.

Fran explains how the book "all comes together"

Melanie always does a great job

The Memory Box Dies are expected any day now. We are currently pre-selling them and after 4 days people have purchased a 1/3 of them. I guarantee you will like the designs and they will be all new to the store. If you have "holes' in your current collection, please give me a call and let me know what you need. I'll do what I can to bring it in on our next order.

One more thing - Don't forget Priscilla's Craft Snacks and Tidbits session this coming Sunday ( 17th ) 1:00 - 4:00pm. It's Free and you will walk out of the store with something you made and have had a fun time with others.

That's all for now ......... I'll see you tomorrow

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Happenings at A Place in Time on June 8th, 2012

Good Morning Everyone,

How many of you know what happened on June 6th that made it a significant date in American history. For fun, I asked the people who came in the store. To my complete surprise less than 20% knew the correct answer. Guess that's a sign that I really am getting old. Ha!

Sunday, June 10th - Craft Snacks and Tidbits Day. 1:00 - 4:00pm. It's Free and you don't need to bring any tools with you. If you haven't been to one, I know you will enjoy the time spent making the project Priscilla has created for you. This Sunday, the project will be a Father's Day Accordion Pocket Book.

Monday, June 11th - King Kamehameha Day is a holiday and we will be open as usual. We will celebrate by having several items on sale and Priscilla will be having a "Craft Snacks and Tidbits" session (1:00 - 4:00pm). You will make a Father's Day Accordion Pocket Book - so if you missed it on Sunday you can make it today. Dad will love it.

The sale will include selected stencils at a whopping 60% off. Did you ever see a sale where you can buy 1 and get 2 for free (equal or lesser value of the same brand)? Come in and take your choice of Accent Depot "Brads", Karen Foster "Brad Bars", Doodlebug "Word Tags", and Doodlebug "Sequins".

Our newest stencil design is a "Geisha Girl". Art has done an outstanding job in creating a stencil that you will have a lot of fun with. There is an extra bonus also. Art has created a package of "Masks" that you can use with the "Geisha Girl" to aide in the separation of colors and techniques. Once again, we asked several people to "volunteer" and make samples for our "Introducing" board. No one knew what style the other volunteer was doing, so we have a variety of cards that show how versatile this stencil can be. I tried capturing their "look", but my photo isn't like seeing them in real life. So, come into the store and take a look. As a special offer, you can buy either the "Geisha Girl" and/or the "Mask" set at a 10% discount. If you have our Discount Card, I'll give you an additional 10% off. This pricing will be good from today (Friday) through Monday, June 11th. My thanks to all of the volunteers - they did an outstanding job.

"Geisha Girl"
Saturday, June 30th - 4:00 - 6:00pm...... Barbecue Recipe Exchange.... This is a fun class that Priscilla has done several times and the ladies really enjoy it. You will be making a Book to hold 6" x 6" cards of  everyone's  favorite Barbecue Recipe. Also, you will be asked to bring "samples" of you recipe for a "pot luck" meal after the class. Yum.... I guarantee this is a lot of fun and I get a taste also.This class usually fills up fast, so if your interested, please give me a call. More details on the class will follow in the next Blog.

All of you have been asking when Priscilla will be bringing in more of the "Memory Box Dies". Well, they are on their way. They are all "brand new" to our store and you have 16 designs to choose from. I guarantee you will like them.  If you want, you may come into the store and review the designs and pre-order those that you want. The Memory Box Dies are extremely popular and "move" fast. So, please come in and select what you want before they sell out.

One last thing........ we will be closed Wednesday,  July 4th

See you tomorrow,

A Place in Time
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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happenings at A Place in Time on Sunday, June 3, 2012

Good Morning Everyone,

Every time I sit down to write the Blog I have an idea of what I'm going to write about.  And then there are those items that are "spur of the moment" and find their way into the Blog. Today is "Craft Snack and Tidbit" day. People coming into the store will be able to make a Father's Day card/book. With a definite masculine flavor, dad will open the card to find several pockets that can contain note cards. Tell him how special he is to you and the family. If there are leftover kits at the end of the day we will package them and have them available for you at the front counter. Priscilla does the "Craft Snack and Tidbit" every Sunday. Can you imagine how hard that can be - to come come up with something new and interesting every week. I have often thought that a minister has the same "problem", but at least he has the best source in the world to work with - the Bible. Priscilla has her God given talent and the people coming into the store have a lot of fun with the projects and each other.

The last thing that I have for you are photos of Fran's class on Wednesday, June 13th - 6:30 - 8:30pm. - plus, for those of you that are taking the class, what tools you need to bring with you: 12" Scor-pal or equal, bone folder, 12" paper trimmer, scissors, adhesive of your choice, black liquid pearl, brown ink pad & (opt) applicator, bling, and anything else you wish to make these albums your own style. Some people actually read this Blog because the class is now full. The photos should give you some ideas for future projects of your own. I'll display the samples for you to look at on the Class Board.

Fran's Mini Album Class

Friday, June 1, 2012

Happenings at A Place in Time on June 1st, 2012

Aloha Friday Everyone,

For those of you that don't know, every Sunday Priscilla has a Craft Snack and Tidbit for you to make. It starts at 1:00pm and goes until 4:00pm (or until she runs out of packets). It's free for everyone and you don't have to bring anything with you - just a smile and the desire to have a good time. If you want, you can donate a dollar to the "Food Bank" bucket. The Craft Snack from last Sunday was a "Fold-out Father's Day Card". You can see the sample from the photo I have posted below. We have a couple of "packets" left, so if you would like a completed Father's Day card come into the store and pick one up. $3.95 for a handmade card. You can't beat the price.
Father's Day Fold-out card

Every Sunday is Craft Snack and Tidbit Day

Fran Kawakami's first class of the month is on Wednesday, June 13th. There is one seat still available if you would like to take the class. I believe the subject of the class is a mini book.? I will post the sample as soon as I receive it.

We are receiving shipments of new items to store. Shipping is a hard thing to get used to when you live in Hawaii. You just never know when things are going to arrive at your doorstep. Yesterday we received a shipment of ink pads from Mementos. The shelves are now restocked with a wide variety of colors to choose from. Plus, we have the multi-colored ink pad ("Circus") available also. It's so cool to receive things and also a challenge to get them entered into the system- the ladies see them on the table and want then "now". I make it happen so everybody is happy.

A lot of you missed out on a really fantastic in-store sale on Memorial Day.There were several brands that if bought 1 you got 2 additional for FREE. Also, there were several brands that we were offering at 60% off. I got into the store early and decorated the fixtures to celebrate this special holiday. It gave the store a festive flavor and a reminder to honor those who serve our country.

Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day 2012