Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Aloha Everyone,

It's good to back from our vacation to Oregon. There were days when it was actually hotter there than here in Hawaii. Oregon can be that way with temperature swings of 20 degrees within 24 hours. Mostly, I found myself wearing jeans and socks/tennis shoes. Ist birthdays are always a fun occasion and Priscilla and I saw some old friends. Having all the grandchildren together was the best part.

Now it's back to work and I believe I've caught up to the work that had to wait while I was gone. Fran has a class this coming Saturday (July 26th) from 1:30 -4:30pm. The people attending the class will learn how to make an accordion book. For details you can check out Fran's Blog - littlepaperstudion.blogspot.com. It will tell you the supplies that you will need to bring. One of the choices you will have to make is a paper selection. Choose one of the following four papers.

1.Pink and Green
2.Red and Green
3. Lavender and Green
4. Purple and Green

The cost of the class is $25.00 and you can call me or Fran to sign up. The following are photos of the class samples. Anybody taking this class will not be disappointed.


Hopefully, we will see you on Saturday.

Have a great week,

Bill Teska
A Place in Time
1079 Liku Street
Kailua, HI 96734