Thursday, March 26, 2015


Aloha Everyone,

I couldn't post all the photos on the previous Blog so here we go.

Here are couple more photo's from Art.

When you visit me the next time you can also see a couple of models that Art has given me. Yoy may even see him helping me out.

Art  recently gave me a hand in installing a new laser tube in our engraving machine. After 10 years the old one was getting tired. The install can be done by one person but having that extra pair of hands sure makes it easier. An extra brain helps also in figuring out what the instructions really mean. Ha! Thank you Art. I am truly amazed at the difference in engraving the new tube provides. An engraving that was already highly detailed is even better now. Plus we can now do some things that we couldn't do before. How many of you have a Hydro Flask? I have found that they are very popular. Well, we can now engrave them and it's not expensive. I had to experiment and you can see the result below. On one side you have our design of the Mokulua Islands. On the other side (not shown) I engraved the Marine Corps emblem. We have a lot of images from the old store (stencils and stamps) that we can use to make a Hydro Flask very unique to the owner.

For our anniversary, I engraved a Dragon onto a blue flask for Priscilla. Sure am glad I married a Dragon. She makes every day a joy to look forward to.

That's all for now. Hope to see you on Saturday for Fran's class.

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Aloha Everyone,

Wow!  Has it been that long since my last post. Guess it has and I hope you all are still there. I should add to me new years resolutions list to be more diligent in posting. That said, we continue to be very blessed with good health and an active business.

There are a couple of things that I wanted to share with you. First, Fran is continuing to have classes on the last Saturday of each month. You can follow what she is doing on her Blog at "littlepaperstudio". Fran's class for this month is on Saturday March 28th. It's a card making class and you will see from the photos I've posted below, she done a great job creating some cards that anyone would enjoy making. Check her Blog or give me a call for the supplies you need to bring. The cost of the class is $23.00. There is still room in the class, so give me a call to sign up.

I like these cards because they have a universal design and can be used for anyone on different occasions. Make 2 or 3 of each and keep them in a file to be used when you just remembered you have to send somebody a card. No last minute rush. The other thing I like about them is that they are layered which gives them a dimensional feel. It's not just any old card you pick up at the store.

Secondly, people who come to the classes or drop by for engraving done in the Laser den often ask about Art. Well, he's still retired and takes good care of his mom and dad. He stops by the Laser den to visit and perhaps do some engraving for himself. As you may know, Art is a Master Model Maker. He has won many awards and has even been written up is several magazines that cater to model making. Most recently, he had a couple of entries at the Blaisdel for model makers. You can see his handicraft below:

The above is a 1966 Mustang GT-350. On this Art actually widened the body by 3 scale inches on each side. It also has a custom interior. I don't think Art ever makes what comes in the box. He's always making the model his own design.

The above is a 1937 Ford pick-up truck street rod. I would like one of these. For the truck, he used our laser to cut the wood for the truck bed, side stakes, and surfboard. He also widened the rear wheel fenders, chopped the roof, and custom made license plates for the truck. I believe the exhaust pipes he custom made also.

There are two more photos, but I guess this program limits the number I can post. Art's ability to get a glass smooth paint job is truly amazing.

I'll do a follow up Blog to complete other photos by Art and something I want to share with you,

Have a great day in this beautiful land that God created,


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