Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Aloha Everyone,

         March is a great month. First, on March 21st I get to celebrate my anniversary with my beautiful bride. How special life is to share with the woman of my dreams. Secondly, Easter is celebrated on the last Sunday of this month. It's hard to believe how fast the year is moving along. Where's the button to slow things down?

        I received an email from Fran with the information on her class this coming Saturday (March 26th). The class starts at 1:30 and ends about 4:30pm - the cost is $23.00. Please see the image below of what you will be creating. It's a HONU STRAW BAG! You will be making a straw bag with quick matching cards. The cards are A2 size and the bag may contain other goodies as well???

Supplies to bring to the class: Paper trimmer, scissors, pencil scoring tool (Scor-pal), corner rounder, adhesive (both liquid and tape), and dimensional tape. If you wish, you can bring your own ink pads and daubers. Fran will have a dark blue ink and soft orange ink daubers. I believe there is still space so please give me or Fran a call if you want to attend.

Fran's Sample Honu Straw Bag

The work continues to pour into my laser den, I don't think I have a magic formula for success - I just feel very thankful for the blessings that are a part of my life. Below you will find photo's of a couple of things we've  been asked to provide.

Priscilla's new I-pad cover needed a new embellishment. The Dragon/Koi is Art's design. 

Art's Dragon/Koi on a Hydro Flask
A sign for the employees restaurant at the Four Seasons Lana'i

I love a good knife. It's fun to engrave them.

That's all for now. Have a very wonderful Easter and be thankful for His blessings. Come by my laser den and visit if you have the time. You can also visit my instagram account at hawaiiengraving to see some of things we've been doing.

Have a great day,

A Place in Time
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instagram:  hawaiiengraving

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Happenings at A Place in Time on February 23, 2016

Aloha Everyone,

I love February in Hawaii. We've left the sweltering heat and humidity of last August far behind us and I've actually used my sweatshirt a couple of times this month. Also, it's not hard for me to remember February in Portland, Oregon. It was really cold and you might not see the sun until March. I'll take Kailua and wake up with a smile each morning.

Fran's class is this coming Saturday (27th) and it's going to be very special with Easter just around the corner. The title of the class is "A Basket of Cards". In the class you will make a basket and 3 cards. You can see for yourself by peeking at the photos I have included below. The basket is super cute and can hold either candy or cards. You will make 3 cards using washi tape. The color of the cards may vary with the different washi tape that will be available for your use. The cost of the class is $23.00 and I believe there are still a few seats available.

Please bring the following supplies: Scissors, scor-pal or equivalent, pencil, ruler, eraser, adhesive tape, tacky glue, dimensional (foam) tape, tweezers (reverse action if you have them), Tim Holtz Black Soot ink pad, and a needle tip applicator (opt.).


We've been super busy in the Laser Den. January was the best month we've ever had and I'm feeling very thankful and blessed. Every once in a while Art drops by and keeps me company for a day or two. I thought you might like to see a new stencil he designed and then engraved it on a hydro flask. he calls it a Dragon- Koi. The ying yang symbol is a nice little touch to the design.

Art's Dragon - Koi Flask

On Art's last visit he showed Priscilla and I his newest model - A 1949 Mercury. Art did an amazing job and he said it was his first attempt at painting flames. He plans on entering the car in an upcoming show. I know it will be well received.

Art's 1949 Mercury - notice the location of the side mirror

One of the best things about February is Valentines Day. Priscilla spoiled me with not one but two cards that she designed and made. You must know that I feel very special.

Valentine Card by Priscilla

Valentine card by Priscilla

That's all for now. Hope to see you at Fran's class.

Have a great week....


A Place in Time
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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Happenings at a Place in Time on 1-23-16

Hi Everyone,

Well it's a new year and I've been so busy I don't have the time to ponder where the last year went. It's enough to say that it was a good year with numerous blessings along the way. And.. I'm looking forward to 2016.

First up - Fran is going to have her first class of the year Saturday, January 30th from 1:30pm to 4:30pm. The cost is $23.00. The supplies that you will need to bring include: scissors, paper trimmer, adhesive of your choice and another adhesive that will glue down small pieces, tweezers, journaling pen to add character to your punch art, pink scrapbook chalk for the cheeks, corner rounder, and a blank ink pad. Fran sent me photos of the four creations you will be making:

From the samples shown, I think everyone is going to have a lot of fun. The air conditioning is working great, but you may not recognize the house. We are in the process of having it painted.

My Laser den has been super busy with a variety projects. One item that has been continually popular is the engraving of Hydro Flasks. We've done flasks for individuals (1) and also for corporations (17 cases). If you like, please visit my Instagram account and you will see a sampling of what we've been doing. Type in hawaiiengraving and I think you will enjoy what you see.

Each day brings new beginnings.  That's all for now... give me a call if you have any questions.


A Place in Time
1079 Liku Street
Kailua, HI  96734
instagram: hawaiiengraving

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happenings at A Place in Time on November 1, 2015

Aloha Everyone,

Trick or Treat??! and the clock keeps on ticking. Soon it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas (the best time of the year) and then we start the cycle all over again with a new year.

Normally, Fran's classes are on the last Saturday of each month, but with Halloween the class gets pushed to the first Saturday in November (7th) 1:30 - 4:30 pm. The theme of the class is Christmas Gift Cards and Tags. You will be making 2 gift cards and 5 gift tags. Below, you will see a sneak preview of the gift tags.

Please bring the following supplies to class: Tape adhesive and glue of your choice, dimensional tape, corner rounder, paper trimmer, scissors, bone folder, scor pal or equivalent, crop-a-dile, TH Distressed Ink - Walnut, ( or equivalent) and applicator (or foam sponge).

Too cute - the embossed white paper is fantastic

Which is better - the tag or the package?

Looks good enough to wish you had the real cookies

If you are interested in the class please contact me or Fran to sign up. The cost is $23.00. This will be the last class of the year. Fran will be taking the holiday season off, as usual, to enjoy family time and "gear up" for next year.

The Laser Den has been extremely busy. We've become the go-to place to have your hydro flasks engraved. There are the individual flasks, but there are the orders for 300, 58, 176, and 375 also. Sandwiched in between those orders are electrical labels for solar companies, wood plates, Koa boxes, stencils, and custom signs.

One thing I've discovered is Instagram. If you have the time you can visit photos of my work at hawaiiengraving. Since the website is on hold I found instagram as another vehicle to get the word out. I have a total of 30 followers (modest by any count) but with time I think it will grow.

The following are a few samples of what we've recently done:

To get the sharpest engraving we often times re-draw the image in the language of the laser.

Naliko's Hydro Flask - Go Ducks

This is the drawing of the elephant before engraving on a Hydro Flask

Using our new logo I engraved the image and it now adorns my I-pad cover. I cut
 out the sun/moon and inlaid a piece of red acrylic

Recently, I changed the company logo to the engraved Koolau's. What you see above is the new business card.

Very beautiful antique Koa frame engraved with the family Mon.

Just a few flasks contained in the 15 cases that were dropped off at the Laser den.

That's all for now. I wish you the best of the coming days. Enjoy your friends and family - they are the true treasures we have in our lives.


A Place in Time
1079 Liku Street
Kailua, HI  96734
e-mail:   wotsearch@hotmail.com
intagram:    hawaiiengraving

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Happenings at A Place in Time on 13 September 2015

Aloha Everyone,

   Do you enjoy doing things that you had never done before. I find that I enjoy challenges. Perhaps that was one of the reasons I closed my construction company of 23 years and moved to Hawaii. A new challenge awaited me. I've always said "never go through life with blinders on - you might just miss an opportunity that was worth exploring". So when we closed the craft store, it wasn't a negative thing because there was the opportunity of expanding out laser engraving operation. Each day now is new and exciting because of the people I'm able to help.

One of the best parts of my job is that in many projects I get to work some pretty fantastic people. The Laser Den isn't large enough to stock a variety of product. When a request comes in for an engraved item made of wood, I always call Matt. He is a fantastic woodworker and every time he is involved I know the client will be pleased. You will see a sample of his work below.

We do a lot of work for the Four Seasons Resorts on several of the islands. Wet floor signs, Privacy Please door signs, Labels for the amenity bottles, Signage for the restaurant buffet line, and name tags are some of things they have requested. I enjoy the association because of the standards they have established for themselves.

Almost every day someone comes into the Laser Den with a Hydro Flask to engrave. Some use our designs that we developed for our line of stencils and stamps. Then there are those that want something more specific for the person they are gifting the flask to. You can see more samples below.

Rico came in with a request for the Senior Chief Petty Officer emblem on his flask.
Anything I do for the our military is an honor. This Marine has a high degree of respect
for those that serve our country
The "kids" have been taking turns visiting this summer and I had fun helping them
in the design of their flasks

When the kids are here I show them how the laser machine works and then I let them engrave their own flask. For the grandchildren, I do the set up and they get to press the GO button. There is a delight in their eyes as the laser works it's magic.

Anybody have a child in the Cub Scouts? My Stepson had me engrave this and was going
to surprise his stepson upon his return to California.
A Butterfly on a pink flask seems very appropriate.

Sometimes it's hard to capture the total engraving on the flask because
the image wraps around the flask. Here there are 3 flowers that makes a
very beautiful presentation - the photo just doesn't capture it all.

Plumerias  - the favorite flower of one grand daughter 

Well, your probably getting tired of seeing Hydro Flasks. If your looking for them check out the supply that Steven has over at the Kailua General Store. He's another of my go-to guys.

One family went home with baggage tags made out of black acrylic. Go Ducks was on the reverse side.

That's all for now. If you made it this far, be sure and consider taking Fran's class on the 26th of September. See my previous Blog for details or give me a call.

Have a great week,

A Place in Time
1079 Liku Street
Kailua, HI 96734

Friday, September 11, 2015

Happenings at A Place in Time on 11 September 2015

Aloha Everyone,

   Anyone feel warm? We're promised less humidity starting on Sunday and I know that will be a relief for Priscilla. This Blog contains some exciting news and those of you that are going to be taking Fran's class on Saturday (September 26th) will be pleased also. Our classes are held in what we call the patio and it can get pretty warm, even with the overhead fans circulating the air. Priscilla and I have decided to install air conditioning in the patio. So, now those taking the class should feel a lot more comfortable. Plus, Priscilla does all of her crafting and computer generated work in the patio. She will be one happy lady. And as everyone knows...Happy wife.....Happy life.

   Priscilla took Fran's card making class last month and I wanted to share what she made. You can review the cards shown below. I'm not sure what Fran has planned for this months class, but she will be stopping by to pick out some paper and I'll try and get some details for you.

I think she did a great job - Fran just stopped by and she thinks the cards are "just gorgeous" "just gorgeous". I told her that gorgeous is not a word in my vocabulary, so she said to quote her. The input on Fran's class is as follows: The class is called Card "Buffet". If you take the class you will have the possibility of making up to 10 cards - but you have to finish as many as you can within the time frame of the class. The cost is $23.00 and there is a limit of 10 students. There is still room, but some people have already called to sign up. When students learn about the air conditioning - that will be an added incentive. The tools that you will need to bring is your basic tool kit plus a corner rounder, black ink pad, and a piercing tool. Fran will call me with any updates.

That's all for now. Since there is lot of information on what's happening in the Laser den, I'll probably do another entry in the Blog tomorrow.

Have a great weekend,


A Place in Time
1079 Liku Street
Kailua, HI  96734

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Happenings at A Place in Time August 22 2015 Addendum

Aloha Everyone,

Before I get started on my engraving projects I wanted to show you Art's flask that he engraved.

Nicely scaled to the size of the flask.
Lately, we have taking various companies logo and engraving it on flasks for them.

Had the time the other day, and per Priscilla's recommendation I designed a new sign for the Laser Den. Hopefully people will come on in without feeling they have to knock on the door. Oh - it's a concrete floor so you don't have to take your shoes off.

It's kind of neat because one sign just layers over the other.

Lastly, the laser can do so many things. From signs to custom wood boxes. Below, we made this box
that has a removable top. Fun to create the finger joints.

That's all for today. Have a super day.