Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happenings at A Place in Time on Sept 29th

Good Evening All,

Priscilla's back!!! And just in time also. For those of you that don't know yet, the Happy Scrappers Jam is just around the corner. It's on Saturday October 8th ( 8:00am - 3:00pm) at the Koolau Golf Club. If you haven't been to this event before , mark your calendar because it's a ton of fun. We will be there, as will several other vendors. There will be classes, make & takes, and demos. Plus there are some really good buys to be taken advantage of. The parking is free, the view is awsome, and you get both a continental breakfast and a super lunch. Priscilla will be there with her team to show you how and to answer any questions. I know Priscilla will have special pricing and a coupon to use at the store. The cost is $48.00 and there will be a Massage Therapist Services for you to relax after all that crafting.

The Scrappers Jam is just the start to the fast approaching holiday season. Sunday October 9th is Priscilla's free monthly Make & Take. It is from 2-5pm. No sample yet, but
I will keep you informed.

The following Thursday, October 13th (6:30 - 8:30pm) is Fran Kawakami's "Coin Envelope Album" class. She will be using the new coin envelope template that she designed. I'm expecting the sample this weekend and I will send it out via the blog ASAP. The cost of the class is $20.00. Anybody who has taken one of Fran's classes knows that it's a great value. Give me a call and I'll sign you up. Seating is limited to six.

I'm beginning to think that we are a "universal" store. This past week we had people from Texas, Alabama, Japan, New Hampshire, France, Mexico and that far away spot "The North Shore". I really enjoy the diversity.

Fran's ongoing "A Year in Cards" class will be on Thursday October 27th (6:30 - 8:30pm) and the theme will be Christmas Tags. Fran will be using some of the new paper that has just arrived. The cost of the class will be $20.00 and the Basic Tool Kit will be all you need to bring with you.

Priscilla is also working on a class sample using one of Lynell Harlow's (Dreamweaver) Hawaiian Quilt pattern stencils. I've seen the sample and it's superb. I'll give you more details as I become aware of them. Or better yet, come into the store and I'll show you Priscilla's project.

NEW IN THE STORE!!!! For those of you that have been in the store and thought you saw all the new paper - you haven't. Priscilla was busy while visiting her aunt in Washington state. She found a new line of paper from Memory Box. If you've been waiting for seasonal paper, this line is worth your consideration. It reflects Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The colors and tones are very elegant without being overdone. I like the "Cherry Branches" and "Dusk". Not to be outdone, the new Basic Grey line of paper is here also. It's their "Out of Print" line and is very compelling for either the card maker or for scrapbooking. This line also comes with a greeting card kit, rub-ons, buttons, and 6x6 pads of card stock.

Then there is Hot Off the Press. Remember their "peel and stick" Dazzles that were so popular? They are back on the shelves with a variety of holiday themes. They make card making super easy. For those of you that like Paper Packs, there are several for you to choose from. Buying the paper as a pack takes the guess work out of which papers work well with each other. Lastly, there are the "Color Me" papers. You can color the background with your choice of inks and the pattern on the papers remains it's original color. I like the snowflake pattern. Perfect for Christmas. There is more to see - "STEAMPUNK" anyone? There are paper packs. You've got to come and see for yourself.

The last thing I have for you before I sign off is a couple of cards that were made using Dreamweaver's "Gears" stencil. It shows how you can get two very different looks from the use of a single stencil. I'm not the best photographer, so if you have time come in and see for yourself. Many of you already have.

That's all for now. See you tomorrow.

Bill 808-261-2882

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happenings at A Place in Time on Sept 18th

Good evening all,

The week has gone by so fast. For those of you that read my last blog, you know that Lynell Harlow was here last week and taught two classes. As always, the classes were full and the ladies had fun with the new techniques. Lynell brought approximately 20 display boards with her and they are loaded with ideas for the card maker to take advantage of. Currently, Lynell is in Hilo teaching the crafters there. In the mean time we have the luxury of having those display boards in our store. They will be here until Thursday and you are welcome to take as many photos as you wish. Also, you may want to mark your calendars - Wednesday Sept. 21st at 6:00pm - Lynell has agreed to do a FREE DEMO on the use of a new line of product - Silver Foil. We are so blessed to have someone like Lynell as a friend of A Place in Time. I only wish she lived here. So...6:00 pm for those of you who want to attend. Also for this one night I will pretend that this is a class night. That means that any of you that attend will get a 10% discount on any of the Dreamweaver Stencils and Foil. And those of you that have the discount card will get 10% plus 10% on the Stencils and Foil. This will be a great time to pick up some of the "new product". I've included a couple of photos of the classes for your enjoyment. Over the next several blogs I will be showing additional photos. Byron may recognize his card.

Next up is Fran Kawakami's "A Year in Cards" class. This one she has entitled "Gratitude". You will be making 5 cards that definitely have a "local" flavor. The photo I've included says it better than I ever could in describing the joy you will have in making these cards. The class is beginning to fill up, but there are still a couple of spots. I may take this class myself. So give me a call and join me in the fun. Supplies to bring: basic tool kit, a "good" pair of scissors, medium brown ink pad and sponge, a double ball embossing tool. A rounded barrel pencil or something you can roll paper with. Fran will also be using White Opal Liquid Pearl, Crystal Stickles, yellow and brown chalk, and ink pads in the colors yellow, purple, red, and green (if you wish you can bring your own. So, Thursday - Sept. 22nd 6:30 - 8:30 pm is the date to mark on your calendar. The cost is still only $20.00

Priscilla returns from her vacation visiting the "kids" on Tuesday. She is so happy she will be able to visit with Lynell. When you see her Wednesday night you can wish her a belated birthday (Sept. 17th). Me? You know I'm happy- whenever she is gone there's a piece of me missing. But thanks to all of you that came into the store to visit with me - it made the two weeks go by very quickly.

As you know, I've been encouraging you all to make samples and bring them in so I can share them with everybody out there in "Blog land". It makes this blog that much more interesting if we all can share our ideas. Sandra, a regular in our store, brought in a card she had designed and was gracious enough to allow me to put it in the blog. She uses our recent stencil "Tree Nuts and a Canoe" . What I really like about this is that Sandra "thinks outside the box". Ha! If you look at the card you will see that she "sank the canoe" in favor of using a really cute penguin. It's a great card and she uses bits of glitter and glitter glue as accents. The penguin is given additional dimension by using a 3-d dot. I have the card on display, so the next time your in the store you can see it for yourself. Thank you Sandra, I look forward to your next card.

There are several new things in the store. The Dreamweaver stencils (2012), Christmas colors in Glitter Glue, LIquid Pearls (you have to hurry because they are almost sold out again), a new extended platform with shim for the Big Shot (I really like it), and other items that just escape my mind right now. There will also be new product coming in this week. Priscilla may have been gone but that didn't stop her from shopping for the store. I'm expecting a slew (is that a word?) of new paper. Anyway, that's all for now.

I'll see you tomorrow.....


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happenings at A Place in Time on Sept 13th

Good Evening Friends,

Wow! I don't believe it's been over a week since my last blog entry. It's been very busy here at the store and I thank you all for your continued support. As many of you know, Priscilla is in Oregon enjoying the kids and grandchildren. She wishes I was there, but somebody has to run the store. One day I will retire and I'll be able to travel with her. Ha! I have to laugh because Priscilla went to her favorite stamping store in Beaverton and came away with the knowledge a new line of paper. It's already been ordered and I'll let you know when it arrives.

In the mean time, we are excited to once again have Lynell Harlow of Dreamweaver in our store to teach two classes. She will be showing us new techniques and products that she has developed this past year. Those of you that saw her at the Blaisdell last weekend know what the "students" have in store for them. New ways and materials give all of us a way of expanding on what we do and how we do it. I've been busy getting everything tagged and on a special display to showcase the sample boards and product. Some of the items are in limited supply, but I've prepared a form for pre-orders. Dreamweaver is one of the best companies out there in turn-a-round time. You have to check out the new foils: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Garnet, Royal Blue, Emerald, Hot Pink, Silver Bling, Clear Water, Clear Bubbles, Clear Cracked Ice, and Clear Stars. These foils can be used with stamps. That sounds way cool. Lynell also brought a supply of her new stencils for 2012. I can't wait to try them out myself.

For those of you that have been waiting, the Liquid Pearls are back in force. But they probably wont last through this time next Tuesday. I'm also looking at bringing in another supplier that has the metals and black in "Pearls". I think a Black Pearl would be awesome. Priscilla also brought in some of the Christmas colors in the Glitter Glue line. Yep, the holidays are just about here. The Liquid Pearls and Glitter Glue are going to look fabulous on this years seasonal cards.

Our newest stencil is simply the words "Give Thanks". This can be used all year round and not just for Thanksgiving. I also promise to have the "Witch's Hat" finished this week. If you have any suggestions for new stamps or stencils that we should make and carry please let me know.

Priscilla's Make and Take was last Sunday. She moved it from the standard 2nd Sunday to the 1st Sunday because of her pending trip. People had more fun with just a plain and simple brown sack. Sue took it step beyond and brought in some samples of what she did after the class. She did a great job of combining the embossing, the new gold ink pad we have, and the use of a few stamps. I wish I had been smart enough to have taken a couple of photos. Sometimes I feel like Charlie Brown and just want to say Aughhhh!

Fran's class last Thursday was also a lot of fun. It incorporated a new template that we have in the store. It allows you to make a variety of money envelopes. It's also designed to conveniently hold a credit or money card. Check out the photo... the ladies really enjoyed themselves. I think we closed about 11pm that night. I enjoyed watching and listening. Fran has a talent for making her classes a lot of fun for everybody - from beginner to experienced.

One last thing, Priscilla's birthday is this Sunday (17th). She will not be back yet, but maybe I'll come up with something to help celebrate. Stay tuned...

That's all for now. Have a great evening and I'll see you tomorrow.


Friday, September 2, 2011

A Place in Time Happenings September 2, 2011

Good Morning All,

I have to come up with a better salutation - "good morning all" doesn't sound very creative. Any ideas that you are willing to share??

First up today - Fran Kawakami brought in the samples of her next class and I need to share it with you. For this class, Fran has designed a fantastic "Coin Envelope Template" that can be folded and used in a multiple of ways. Mini notes, money cards, mini album, greeting cards, etc. I like the one with the girl wearing the obi and everyone taking the class will have a ton of fun with all of the possibilities. The class is on Thursday the 8th of September at 6:30-8:30pm. The cost is $20.00. Please bring the following items to the class: paper trimmer, scissors, pencil, ruler, tape & glue adhesive, black ink pad, dark brown ink pad, sponge for distressing, black ink pen. glassy accents, and a crop-a-dile. If you don't have the crop-a-dile you can borrow mine. Check out the photos below.

The Sizzix order came in the store yesterday and by the end of the day I was able to get everything entered, tagged, and on the floor. Wow, the Eclips machines are sure selling quickly. Ok! For the new product we have diecuts and the ever popular embossing folders from Tim Holtz that would be just great for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Do you remember the "Cracked Glass" embossing folder from Tim - you may not because it lasted about a day and a half before it sold out. I think the reason it sold so quickly is that everyone thought it looked like coral - and it really does. We have it back in the store in case you would like one.

A new line of product that Priscilla has brought in from Sizzix are thin diecuts that are offered in a variety of basic shapes: Circles, Squares, Ovals, Hearts, and Tickets. Except for the Tickets, they come in both a straight line and a scalloped edge. There are 8 diecuts to a package and they are concentric for layering. This line from Sizzix is reminiscent of the old nestabilities, but different in size - starting with 4 1/4" and working down to 1 1/4". I think you will find these to give you greater flexibility in your scrapbooking and card making.

That's about all for now - I have to get ready to open. Just a few reminders: Priscilla's Make and Take is this Sunday (2-5pm), Debbie's "Flowers of Fancy" is this Monday (Labor Day 12:00-2:00pm), and our 30% "Wall Sale" is on from Saturday through Monday.

See you tomorrow....