Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Aloha Everyone,

I just received the photos from Fran and wanted to share them with everyone. Her class is this coming Saturday (June 8th - 1:30 to 3:30pm). The cards are so cute - I think you will really enjoy making them. There is still space in the class so give me a call if you are interested. The cost is $23.00 and you can find a list of the supplies you will need to bring on Fran's blog - littlepaperstudio.blogspot.com

Fran's card #1

Fran's Card #2

Fran's  Card #3

I continue to be busy at my Lase Den. We have become specialists in taking a companies logo and recreating it in the language of the laser that allows us to engrave it on multiple items and materials. Have you eaten recently at the Uahi Island Grill? They placed a medium sized order for engraved pint glasses that they will be using and selling in their Kailua restaurant.

Put your favorite beverage in the glass and the image really "pops"

I never know what the request will be from day to day. Recently, The Four Seasons on Lana'i requested their logo to be engraved on a Kendama. We are also in the process of making door signs for their housekeeping and engineering departments. And there is always a weekly order for our wood name tags that have a magnet backing.

This is my artistic rendering of the engraved Kendama
Room Signs

Ken, with Tunista Services, has been using our services to engrave Koa Boxes that he uses as gifts. We, who live in Hawaii know how special it is to receive something made out of Koa.

Koa Boxes

My background in architecture is a real blessing when it comes to assisting our clients in they goals they set for themselves. Sometimes I get to use it around the house. Over the past couple of months I have created a little garden of plants and (most recently) a water feature to look out on as I sit in the Laser Den. Sure makes the driveway look pretty.

Not shown are the cranes that add a nice touch to the display

Sometimes the small birds like to visit for a drink
That's all for now. Hopefully I will see you on Saturday for Fran's class. If I can help you with any engraving projects please give me a call.

Have a great week,


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