Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happenings at A Place in Time on January 29th, 2012b

Good Afternoon Everyone,

How many of you know: "Who is the Patron Saint of England? He allegedly slew a dragon while coming to the rescue of a princess. Don't know? Well, you can "phone a friend" or do a "store shout out". This is how we play our trivia games in the store. And since this is the Year of The Dragon we will be playing a Dragon Trivia game as a part of our store anniversary celebration. Save the date: Saturday, February 18th through Monday, February 20th. It will be a lot of fun and we hope to see everyone during the 3 day weekend. Stay tuned for more details. By the way, Priscilla was born year of the dragon - I have to be very careful.

It's been a busy week with classes happening on almost every day. The following photos will become a part of our "Memory Book". 

Fran's class ("A Year in Cards" - Love) was a blast. Who is that man in the photo? Do you think only women come into the store? Well, that's Byron and he can more than "hold his own" in the crafting department with the ladies. Everybody enjoyed making the cards and when Fran showed them the sample for her "Tropical Flair" class in February - well, they just couldn't resist signing up. You will read more about the class later in the Blog.

A Year in Cards - Love

Fran's "Tropical Flair" 1 of 3 Designs to choose from:  Tote Bag and Post-it Note Cover

Priscilla had two classes this week and she promises to repeat her "Getting to Know Your Eclips" session in the near future. As I was sitting at the front desk, I heard shouts of "It Works" from those taking the Eclips workshop. They were so happy in learning the basics and couldn't wait to get home to get started on a project that had been in the planning stages. Helping people is one of the fun aspects of our store and we always learn something new also. Thank you for taking the time to be a part of the workshop.

Getting To Know Your Eclips

As I'm writing this Blog, Priscilla is conducting her "Loves Intentions" Shaker Box Card class. I commented that things seemed awfully quiet . They responded by saying "we're concentrating on bling". Silly me, I should have known.

Shaker Box Card Class

February is already upon us and the class schedule is starting to fill up. First up is Debbie West's beautiful Mini Album: "To My Valentine". Check my previous Blog for the details. There are a few openings left in the class so you can still join the fun. There is a lot of "prep work" that goes into this class so I would need to know ASAP.

Exterior View of Debbie's Mini Album - "To My Valentine"

A Place in Time has it's monthly "Make and Take It" on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Look forward to being here on February 12th ( 2:00 - 5:00 pm ). There will be more to come on what the activity will be. I imagine it will be Valentine's Day oriented. If so, it would give that guy in your life an opportunity to make something special for you. Give him a "hint".

If your looking for a really "cute" pre-made embellishment, we have just the thing for you. It's a Teddy Bear holding a removable heart. Write a note on the heart, tuck it between the Teddy Bear's paws and give it to someone special. It would make a great valentine for your child to give to their teacher, parent, best friend, etc.

I mentioned it earlier, Fran Kawakami's next class (Thursday, February 9th - 6:30 to 8:30 pm) will be "Tropical Flair". You will be making a truly beautiful Tote Bag and a matching embossed Post-it Note Cover. Fran uses the Hawaiian Quilt designs from Dreamweaver to invoke a quiet sense of elegance. The finishing touch to the Tote Bag is the use of rafia for the handle. I have no doubt that this class will sell out. In that event, I'm talking to Fran about repeating the class in March. "Good Grief" Charlie Brown, am I talking March already. The details of the class are as follows: There are 3 designs to choose from. First to arrive for the class gets to choose with stencil they would like to use. It's a class of 6, so 2 students will share a stencil. Kit designs and color options may vary slightly from the samples. If you wish, we currently have all the stencil designs in stock. For the students taking the class, who have prepaid and want to use a specific stencil design, you can purchase the stencil of your choice early at the class discounted price. Supplies to bring to the class: Scor-pal (a must have), Scotch glue or equal, two-sided adhesive, paper trimmer, pencil, ruler, scissors, 3-4 finger daubbers or 2 craft sponges, and a Crop-a-dile (if you have one). Cost of the class is $20.00.

Fran's "Tropical Flair" Tote Bag (Post-it Note Cover not shown)  - Choice #2
Fran's "Tropical Flair" Tote Bag (Post-it Note Cover not shown)  Choice  #3

Art and Priscilla's "Ecal Made Friendly" class is beginning to fill up. It's on Saturday, February 4th 1:00 to 4:00 pm. Bring a notebook along with all of the other required items. Consult my previous Blog for the details. Be sure and load your Ecal software on to your laptop and use the latest updates prior to the class. You will be amazed at the possibilities. Recently, Art made a Teddy Bear Box using the Ecal software. I think you will enjoy his creation and be amazed at that possibilities that will be available to you. Crafting will be very easy. Your biggest problem will be like mine in card making - what paper do I use?

I try to save the best for last. Kylie is having so much fun with her Eclips machine. She tells me she uses it on her breaks at work. Kylie was in the store the other day and she shared with me a Valentine Card she had recently designed. It's an amazing card. Thank you, Kylie for allowing me to share it with those that follow our Blog.

Kylie's Valentine Card

That's all for now, enjoy this wonderful place we live.......and "I'll see you tomorrow".

A Place in Time
48 Maluniu Avenue
Kailua, HI.  96734

Ps. Priscilla got even with me this year. Seems like I made a Valentine Card for her last year - gave it to her - let her read it - and then promptly took it away so I could display it at the front desk. Ha! Well, I got my Valentine Card yesterday and guess what? It's now on display at the front desk. Sorry! There's no "mushy" stuff inside to read - that will come later. Priscilla is my "Dragon Princess".

Valentine Card for Bill - I really like the giraffe (card face)
Card Interior - Priscilla used one of the Elements from Art Institute for the grass. It gives the card a pleasant scent. I also like the way she used Tim Holtz's distressed ink for a dramatic effect on the paper. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happenings at A Place in Time on January 24, 2012

Good Evening Everyone,

"So many things to do, so little time to accomplish it in". How many times have we thought or said those words. That's how I felt today. One of my strengths is my ability to set priorities. Do that and the important things get done and the rest will wait for tomorrow. One of my priorities today was to update the Blog because there are some exciting classes coming your way.

First of all, Fran's class, "A Year in Cards" - Love, scheduled for Wednesday - January 25th is sold out. There will be a lot of good fun tomorrow night. Don't worry though, Fran was in the store yesterday selecting the papers for her first class in February. As always, I'll keep you posted on the details as they are revealed to me.

Don't forget! Priscilla's "Get To Know Your Eclips" class is this coming Saturday - January 28th  (2:00-4:00pm). Priscilla has conducted this class before and it's a great way to get introduced to the wonderful world of the Eclips machine. The class is limited to 5 people and 4 have already signed up for it. If your interested, please give me a call. You will need to bring your Eclips machine (make sure it has been updated), the cartridge that came with your machine, the spatula and pick, paper to cut using the Eclips, and your basic tool kit. In case you didn't know - the class is "Free".

I mentioned in my last Blog that Priscilla was working on a Shaker Box Greeting Card class. The details have been finalized and Sunday, January 29th (2:00-4:00pm) is the scheduled date to hold the class. The class is limited to 6 people and the cost is only $20.00. The supplies you will need to bring will be a 12" ruler, pencil with an eraser, scoring board, liquid glue, 1/8" double sided tape, and tweezers. This would make a wonderful Valentine card for that special someone in your life. I'm looking forward to mine.

Shaker Box Valentine Card Exterior
Interior - what you don't see are the elements that "dance" about when you shake this card.  Hearts, Glass Beads,  and Glitter

The next class is also Valentine oriented. Debbie West has put together a beautifully designed mini album. Everything blends so wonderfully from page to page. This is one of those classes that will only be offered once. Please don't miss it. The class is on Wednesday, February 1st, from 6:00-9:00pm. The fee is $30.00 and is limited to 6 people (there is a 2 student minimum). Be sure and bring photos, other images, Valentine stamps and ink pads to personalize the pages. The supplies you will need to bring are scissors, pencil and eraser, red marker or pen, double stick adhesive, liquid craft glue, craft knife and cutting mat, tweezers, binder clips, emery board, red and/or pink stamp pad. The creative juices will flow in this class.

Debbie's Valentine Mini Album

There are several interior pages you will have fun decorating

Everybody has been waiting for this next class. Art and Priscilla are offering "E-cal Made Friendly" for those of you that are ready to enter a new dimension in crafting. You've seen the samples in the store and we want to assist you in understanding and applying the software to your next project. You will learn how to weld letters and create a fun "Slipper Box". The class is on Saturday, February 4th (1:00 - 4:00pm). The fee is $60.00. There is a class limit of 5 people - all participants must make sure the Ecal software has been loaded onto your laptop prior to class. There is an update to the Ecal software at The supplies you will need to bring are your Eclips machine and laptop, 12" ruler, pencil w/eraser, and a notebook.

Art's Slipper Box - outside view

Art's Slipper Box - inside

The last few days have been somewhat humorous with respect to the classes. People would come into the store to sign up for a class and find that I've updated the board with additional classes. They would shake their head and say " I came into the store ready to sign up for a class - now I don't know which one to take" We must be doing something right - all the classes are fantastic. This is one of those times you can't go wrong in the decisions you make. Some people have made it even easier - they have signed up for multiple classes.

That's all for tonight ........ see you tomorrow.

A Place in Time
48 Maluniu Avenue
Kailua, HI  96734

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happenings at A Place in Time on January 19, 2012

Good Evening Everyone,

Some mornings are better than others. This morning, as an example, falls into the outstanding category. I was sitting at the front desk when I noticed the sun was peeking through the side windows and casting an amber glow to the scenery outside. It was the kind of glow that you only see when special lighting  effects are used  on TV or movies ( ie: Hawaii 5-0 ). I grabbed my camera with the intent of trying to capture this moment in time. Plus, there was a tree that was casting an interesting shadow on an adjacent building. I walked outside and found the air had a feel of clean, cool, and crispness to it. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath. It was a truly beautiful morning.

Cora came into the store yesterday (Wednesday) to show me the final design of her holiday card. Over the past several weeks she had been in the store trying to find the perfect combination of papers to use. The result is a beautiful card that reflects the pride that she has in her family. Cora has four daughters and they are truly amazing girls. As you look at the photos, try and imagine the amount of patience that it must have taken to wait for that "perfect" wave in taking the picture. The card consists of two different photos, yet similar in subject matter. The photos are layered with the front photo adhered to a sheet of clear plastic. This allows the colors to flow effortlessly from the card front to the interior. I especially like the way Cora used the effect of torn paper on the card front. It reflects the water theme of the card. Great job Cora. Thank you for allowing me to share your card in our Blog.

Card Front

Card Inside

Next up is a Heart Box that Art designed using the Ecal software from Sizzix. It would make the perfect gift for Valentine's Day. You can't see it in the photo, but the red paper is layered on the underside of the box top. This gives it an embossed look. Art also tells me that we can take any of our (A Place in Time) stencils and convert them to another file format so that they can be cut out using the Eclips machine. The Eclips is an amazing tool. Hmmmmmm... So many possibilities. Art is our "go to guy" in so many things in the store.

Art's "Heart Box"

Interior of Box  - you can fill mine with chocolate fudge

Speaking of the Eclips machine: Don't forget Priscilla is offering her "Get Acquainted with the Eclips Machine"  session on Saturday, January 28th (2-4pm). It's free and you have to bring your Eclips machine with you. Give me a call if your interested and for the things you will need to bring (paper, tools, cartridge, etc.). Sign up for the class is required and it is limited to five people. I believe, as of this writing, there is space available for two more people.

Priscilla, in her spare time, has been working on a design for a Shaker Box. Everybody loves shaker boxes as they seem magical with the moving elements. Priscilla has taken the "Grand Snow Globe" diecut from Memory Box and combined it with the design flexibility of the Eclips machine to make this beautiful card. The globe becomes the "window" in which all of the mini hearts, glitter, and small glass beads dance to your delight. The Shaker Box is designed as a card and it's not until you open the card do you realize the surprise that's hidden inside. Priscilla will be offering it as a class so stay tuned for the date and time.

Priscilla's "Shaker Box" card front
Interior and the surprise

Lastly, butterflies are always a favorite of island crafters. Perhaps it's because they add a delicate touch to any  card or scrapbook page. Recently, I took our "Field of Hearts" stencil and combined it with Memory Box's "Moonlight" and "Kaleidoscope" butterflies to make a valentine card. The butterfly diecuts are designed to "marry" with each other to give your project a sense of depth. The card is very easy to make and you can produce several in a short period of time. If your new to Memory Box diecuts, come in to the store and give you a hands on demo.

Butterfly Card

That's all for now........... I'll see you tomorrow

A Place in Time
48 Maluniu Avenue
Kailua, Hi.  96734

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happenings at A Place in Time on January 16, 2012

Good Evening Everyone,

I woke up this morning and discovered that the month of January is at it's mid point. Christmas 2012 seems like such a long time ago. And now Valentines Day will be here before we realize it. Christmas, Valentine's Day, and my wedding anniversary are my three favorite days to celebrate. This is true for me because they all revolve around the element of love. God's love, the love of family and friends, and the love Priscilla and I share. February also includes a significant date for us and our store. We will be celebrating the 7th anniversary of opening A Place in Time. So mark your calendars, Saturday February 18th and Sunday February 19th , and help us celebrate. With your help we have succeeded in surviving some really tough economic times. Priscilla and I are in the discussion stage of what we will do on that weekend. How many of you know that this is the Year of the Dragon? Probably all of you. I know it because I married a dragon. Ha! But how many of you know that there are several different types of dragons? I suggest you "bone up on it" because we will be playing a trivia contest with "Dragons" as the subject matter. I'm sure there will be "Demos", "Sales", "Contests", and other things to create an element of excitement to the festivities. I'll keep you posted as the "discussion stage" becomes the "reality stage". I'm open to suggestions if you would like to provide some input.

In my last Blog I provides photos of the cards you will be making in Fran's class on Wednesday, January 25th. The class is from 6:30 - 8:30pm and the cost is $20. The class is 1/2 full so there is still room for you. Please refer to the previous Blog for tools you need to bring and other details. Or you can just give me a call.

Next up, Priscilla will be doing her "Learn Your Eclips" class on January 28th (Saturday) from 2:00 - 4:00pm.
The class is "Free" and limited to 5 people. You will need to bring paper to cut, your basic tool kit and the tools that you use with the Eclips machine. This is a fun class - ask questions and learn some of the "tricks" that Priscilla has discovered.

February is going to start out with an exciting class by Debbie West. "To My Valentine" is a fun, colorful and romantic book for your Valentine guy, girlfriend, Mon, daughter, or best friend. Feel free to bring photos, memorabilia, and other embellishments to add to your book to make it even more personal. The class is on Wednesday, February 1st - 6:00 to 9:00 pm. The cost is $30.00 and is limited to 6 students (2 student minimum). The class fee includes book blank, paper and coordinating embellishments (rhinestones, ribbon, flowers, die-cut shapes, buttons and more. Some embellishments may vary from the sample, but will coordinate with the project's theme and color scheme. I have a flyer at the store that lists the essential tools that you will need to bring to the class. Enjoy the photos that I've included. Debbie has done a fantastic job in designing a truly wonderful book that will be enjoyed by both the giver and the receiver. Don't miss this class.

That's all for now..... I'll see you tomorrow.

A Place in Time
48 Maluniu Avenue
Kailua, HI 96734

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happenings at A Place in Time on January 13, 2012

Good Evening Everyone,

It's Aloha Friday.  Yea... Except I have to work this weekend. Many of you have asked if we will be open on Monday. I didn't know it was a holiday. We will be open "normal" hours to assist you with whatever project you are planning.

As promised, I have the photos of Fran's class: "A Year in Cards" - Love. She has done an outstanding job of designing 5 different cards for you to make. The best thing is that you will get to play with the newest product in the store - the die-cuts from Memory Box. The cost of the class is $20.00 and you will need to bring the following items to the class.
* Paper Trimmer
* Scissors
* Pencil
* Adhesive: tape or glue
* Any type of glue pen/glue stick OR a 150 Xyron sticker maker
* Piercing tool
* ScorPal or other scoring tool
* Tweezers
* Tim Holtz A Pllicator tool or sponge
* White Opal Liquid Pearl (if you have)

Please give me a call if you would like to take the class. The class is limited to 6 people.

I Love the Hugs sticker - I think I'll make a stencil  to reflect the design

Memory Box "Twirled Heart" 

Memory Box "Meridian Border"

Memory Box "Meridian Border"

Memory Box "Floral Circle"

I'm always amazed at the various parts of the world that our customers come from. Today, we had couples from Australia, Alaska, California, and Japan. We also had "locals" that traveled from Pearl City, Kaimuki, Hawaii Kai, and the North Shore pay us a visit. For some it was their first time in our store - for others, they take the time to travel the distance because enjoy the "treasures" they find here. Priscilla and I thank each of you for your time to travel near and far. It's because of you that we will soon be celebrating another anniversary. Has it really been 7 years?

That's all for now......see you tomorrow.

A Place in Time
48 Maluniu Avenue
Kailua, HI  96734

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happenings at A Place in Time on January 12, 2012

Good Evening Everyone,

Fran was in the store yesterday (Wednesday) and said the samples for her January 25th "A Year in Cards" class would be available on Thursday. I can't wait to see what she has has designed. I'll include them in my Blog on Friday. I also have to correct an error in my last Blog. The class time will be from 6:30pm - 8:30pm.  NOT 7-9pm.

As many of you know, Tuesday is the one day our store is closed. Although we still may be "working", Priscilla and I try to sneak in some "fun time". This past Tuesday we decided to see a movie ("Hugo"). The movie turned out to be better than I had anticipated. My purpose in mentioning this is not to promote a movie. This all about the theater and the people who make you feel like family. Several years ago, the theater(s) at the Enchanted Lake Shopping Center closed. They have now reopened under the new name - Water Garden - Keolu 4. The theater has been tastefully refurbished and reminds me of the theatres that I went to before the mega-plex existed. This is what I call "intimate" viewing because the theater we were in seated 104 people. Ha! As a former builder I can't go anywhere without checking the details. The cup holders are in a different location, there are no previews of coming attractions, and even better - no advertisements. So don't be late, the movie starts on time. Priscilla and I had the pleasure of meeting Scott Daniels (owner) and his pleasant staff of workers. Scott was busy checking the carpet to see if it was properly laid. It was! His staff confirmed that the theater is family oriented. "You will never see an "R" rated movie here", they said. It gets even better. The cost for a family to see a movie is very reasonable. Tickets for Priscilla and I, plus a shared drink and popcorn cost us $15.00. It's a great value. I highly recommend the Water Garden the next time you want to see a movie. And spread the word - "family values" should be promoted.

The die-cuts from Memory Box are being very well received. In just 4 days, several of the designs have sold out. Many of you have asked if Priscilla will be re-ordering them. The answer is Yes. If you were in the store and found that a particular design was unavailable you can pre-order it. I'm sure that many of the people who will be in the store this weekend will want to be on the list. Give me a call if I can help.

That's all for now.........I'll see you tomorrow.

A Place in Time
48 Maluniu Avenue
Kailua, HI  96734

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happenings at A Place in Time on January 8, 2012

Good Morning Everyone,

It's Sunday morning and Priscilla is making the final elements for her free "Make and Take It" this afternoon. You will be making a wonderfully elegant Valentine's Day card that will more than satisfy your creative juices. In making the sample, Priscilla uses the "La Rue Heart" and the "Heart Canopy" diecuts from Memory Box, and a heart design she found on the Eclips Machine. I guarantee you will have a lot of fun making this card. There are more elements to this card that I'm not showing you. I have to leave some surprises for you.

"La Rue Heart" diecut, "Grand Heart" diecut, and "Heart Canopy" diecut   - all by Memory Box

Manufacturing has been very busy in the early days of January. We've been involved in engraving trophies for a local dog show, glassware for 1st Battalion 3rd Marines, name tags for the Four Seasons Hualalai, and numerous stencils and stamps. Most recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Johnnie who works with lighting crew on the Hawaii 5-0 television series. They are responsible for providing the fantastic visual images of Hawaii that we see on the show. Johnnie's project for us was to engrave knife handles for each of the crew. Art did a great job and Johnnie has promised to spread the word. I expect McGarrett to show up any day now. Can I call you for "bail"?

Fran's 1st class of the year will be on January 25th - 7:00 to 9:00pm. The cost is $20.00 and you will need to bring your Basic Tool Kit. You will be making 4-5 cards that have the theme of "Love". I should have samples sometime next week.

Other classes that are in the planning stages are being designed by Debbie West and my Priscilla. Stay tuned and I will keep you informed.

"Twiggy Tree" Memory Box diecut and A Place in Time "Falling Hearts" stencil

"Canopy of Hearts" and "Twiggy Tree" Memory Box diecuts

The last thing that I have for you is a series of cards using different diecuts from Memory Box. I used to do a lot of woodworking projects. I liked to think it was 80% talent on my part and 20% the tools that I used. Now, I think it's just the opposite. Acquire the right tool and anybody can make these cards. Memory Box has done a fantastic job in providing numerous designs for your use. The timing is especially good with Valentine's Day just around the corner. The truth is that these designs can be used for many occasions during the coming year. Come in to the store and take a look - I think you will like what you see. Oh yes - Memory Box has made them very affordable also.

"Vivienne Butterfly" Memory Box diecut and "Dreamweaver" stencil

"Cherish Border" Memory Box diecut and  A Place in Time "Falling Hearts" stencil

That's all for today........ See you tomorrow....

A Place in Time
48 Maluniu Avenue
Kailua, Hawaii

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happenings at A Place in Time January 5, 2012

Good Evening Everyone,

Happy New Year!!! Most people start out the new year with a day off and watching a bowl game or two. You relax and enjoy the last of a 3 day weekend. For us at A Place in Time it's the day we do "Inventory". Priscilla and I want to thank all of the volunteers who helped us with this task. They did a fantastic job. Without their help we would still be counting product. Mae, Char, Pam, Debbie, Mollie, Jenny, Wayna, and Art - I can't thank you enough for giving up a day of rest to help us out. The photos posted below show the "crew" taking a lunch break. Pam is shown counting ribbon before joining the others.

We've been asked about classes and they are being planned as I am writing the Blog. I don't have samples yet, but Priscilla will be continuing her 2nd Sunday Make and Take It on January 8th. It will be from 2pm  to 5pm and it is "Free" for anyone who wants to participate. We do ask, if you can, please make a donation to our basket for the Food Bank. No tools are required, just bring a smile and enjoy the fun. I think Priscilla   mentioned doing something relating to Valentine's Day.

Fran Kawakami has been back in the store selecting papers and embellishments for her "A Year in Cards" class on January 25th. The class is from 7pm - 9pm and the fee is $20.00. The only tools that you will need to bring will be a "Basic Tool Kit". Fran has decided to try Wednesday nights this year - perhaps it will provide a better opportunity for more people to participate. Fran always does a great job and for those of you that haven't taken one of her classes - you will learn something new and have a lot of fun in the process. I'll post the samples as soon as Fran brings them in to the store. Oh! The subject of the first class will be "LOVE".

The first arrival of new product for this new year arrived on Tuesday. People who came into the store and saw it spread out on the table wanted it "Now". I really had to scramble to enter the bar codes into the computer. When Priscilla started opening the box, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. We have ordered from Memory Box before. Many of you have added their two sided papers to your collection. Now we have their die-cuts on our shelves. You will not believe your eyes when you see the designs that are available. A cornucopia of hearts, butterflies, trees, borders, scrolls, etc. There are 22 designs to choose from. Good luck in trying to decide which ones you will want. I think this product line will be as popular as the Liquid Pearls and Embossing Folders. Memory Box has designed their die-cuts to be used on The Big Shot and most other die cutting machines. I should mention that you won't believe the pricing either. I've included a couple of photos for you to review. In the next few days I'll be making more samples. It's really easy and the results are fantastic. Come into the store and judge for yourself.

That's all for now. It's going to be an exciting 2012.......I'll see you tomorrow......

A Place in Time
48Maluniu Avenue
Kailua, HI. 96734